Billy Meier


by Phil Langdon

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (B.E.A.M.) became famous in the late 1970's for presenting clear daylight photographs and 8mm movies of supposed flying saucers that he says are piloted by individuals who come from a planet called "Erra" in the "Plejaren system" of the "DAL universe", whatever that means. The fact that he used to say they were from the "Pleiades" seems to pass many people by these days and it was officially changed after an announcement by astrophysicists concerning the fact that the Pleiades star cluster are "blue, young, stars" and as such cannot have had time to develop planets from their accretion discs, which was a decision based on the standard astrophysical model of planet formation at the time. This is why you will see videos on Meier's case having titles like "Contact from the Pleiades." Billy Meier has never, in all the years since 1975, been able to prove the existence of either his friends from space or their flying vehicles and technically nobody other than Billy can prove once and for all that the case is a hoax. Hopefully though by using evidence, the likes of which you'll find on this and other websites now, and eye witness testimony, such as that of his ex-wife & son, we can fairly surmise that it most probably is a hoax.

First of all let's hear a little about Billy Meier from Derek Bartholomaus as he writes on his website "":



"According to Meier’s own biographies he claims to have been arrested for assault, convicted, and sent to youth prison. Twice. The first was in 1951 and then again in 1953. After escaping from prison in 1953 he joined the French Foreign Legion. In 1955 he deserted from the French Foreign Legion, returned to Switzerland for prosecution, and was “institutionalized” for two years. After his release Meier began to travel throughout the Middle East as a day laborer. During these travels he claims to have engaged in the grave robbing of a site he claims to have been the tomb of Jesus Christ in 1963. Shortly afterwards he takes his first photos of “UFOs” while in India. In 1964 he is expelled from India on charges of vagrancy and shortly thereafter had his left arm amputated at the elbow because he was hanging it outside the window of a bus when the bus crashed. In 1967 he meets and marries Kalliope. In 1975 he founded the Freie Interessengemeinschaft fur Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (aka Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufology), otherwise known as FIGU."


"FIGU is the organization dedicated to the teachings of his alleged extra-terrestrial contacts, the Plejaren. Some people have described FIGU as a cult. I am not sure if FIGU fits the technical description of a cult, but it certainly has elements of an organized religious institution to it."


"Membership into FIGU is a two-step process. First you need to be a “Passive Member” for at least two years. Passive Membership requires:


Subscription to Quarterly Newsletter: SFr. 75.00 ($98.00) If you live in Switzerland. The cost is higher in other parts of the world.

Annual Membership Fee: SFr. 30.00 ($39.00)

One-Time Application Fee: SFr. 30.00 ($39.00)

Mandatory Annual Contribution of 7% of One Month’s Salary.

Obligation to work 3 full days annually at the FIGU Center in Switzerland. For each work day not performed at the Center, a further contribution of SFr. 70.00 ($91.00)/per non-working day (with a total of SFr. 210.00 ($274.00) for 3 non-working days).

Must attend at least one Annual Passive Group General Assembly at FIGU in Switzerland."


"That comes to a total of SFr. 345.00 ($450.00), plus Annual Contribution and travel to FIGU. That’s just for the “Passive Membership”. Here is what is required for Full Membership:


Minimum Annual Fee: SFr. 250.00 ($326.00)

Registration ID: SFr. 30.00 ($39.00)

Subscription To Quarterly Magazine: SFr. 204.00 ($266.00) If you live in Switzerland."


"For an annual cost of SFr. 484.00 ($631.00) “the patronage is entitled to no say in FIGU matters, just to participate in core group of 49 - and to participate in the passive group-meetings. However, patrons have no voting rights.” [English Translation]"


"In the late 1980s/early 1990s, Billy Meier had pretty much stopped presenting physical evidence for his alleged extra-terrestrial contacts and instead concentrated on the “Spiritual Teachings” that were encompassed in his alleged discussions with the Plejaren in what have become known as the “Contact Notes”. These documents contained alleged prophecies and predictions, as well as a “philosophy of life” as professed by the Plejaren."


"Meier claims that he is the only person who has been contacted by extra-terrestrials on Earth. He also claims to be the seventh incarnation of the “prophet” connecting Earth to the Plejaren. The first incarnation was Henoch around 11,000 years ago followed by Elijah around 2,800 years ago, then Isiah, Jeremiah, and Jmmanuel (aka Jesus Christ) around 2,000 years ago, and then Mohammed around 1,400 years ago. Yes, Billy Meier claims to be the reincarnation of both Jesus Christ and Mohammed."


Derek Bartholomaus,





According to the promotion of this case, Billy Meier has been through a lie detector test. That is not the case. There is a huge difference between a lie detector test and a "Stress Evaluation test" which is what Billy Meier was subjected to, on camera, when Wendelle Stevens & Lee Elders organised it in 1978. Stress Evaluation is simply a subjective evaluation of the amount of stress in your voice from a recording and not a fully "wired up to a machine" lie detection method at all!


Judging by all the money that flies around Meier, if you'll pardon the pun, the real reason, in my mind, for the deception probably came from a need to be able to not only support his wife and three children but also from the need to support himself in comfort since the loss of his arm in the bus accident meant his ability to provide support in general was severely impaired and as such Meier had to come up with some way of producing a decent source of continuous financing. Coupled with his love for metaphysics, the search for the meaning of life and a previous interest in the George Adamski UFO contact case I would say that equates to creating a UFO hoax, complete with wise benevalent aliens, whose scope equals that of Meier's own intellect.




























After so many years of being allowed to continue without much in the way of question, this case needs to be addressed because many of the people that follow Meier, and WILL follow him, think he is a figure like Bhudda or Jesus who is so wise that he MUST be listened to on faith at all cost. The reason the faith issue comes in is because Meier's sayings just aren't provable. Compared with the fact that Meier not only claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ (Immanuel, as Meier refers to him) but also that he went back in time, on a flying saucer, to meet Jesus in person without getting his photo makes you wonder how wise Meier really is. After going to such lengths to initiate such a vast contact case, though, how can he turn around now and say it was all fake? At what stage would it be a good idea to do so? The only answer is never, I think, and so Billy Meier is stuck with having to defend his bizarre and outrageous claims for the rest of his life.



Kalliope "Popi" Meier

Kalliope "Popi" Meier, pictured left holding Kal Korff's book "Spaceships of the Pleiades", revealed on camera in 1998 that her ex-husband, Billy Meier, had faked the whole case by himself! She was being interviewed by Kal Korff and Luc Bergin for a TV special, produced by Bob Kiviat productions, where she talked about the "Wedding Cake UFO" as a dustbin lid from the Meier residence and was shown images from the Dean Martin Show which shows one of Meier's alien friends, "Asket", as none other than "Michelle Dela Fave" from the "Ding-A-Ling" dancers!


Notice that Meier's full name stands for "B.E.A.M.- ship." So the "Ding-A-Lings" could be the source of the "D-A-L universe"!


Michelle Dela fave is shown below in BOTH pictures. This particular topic is covered more fully in Episode 1 of the UFO BUST! series on the Movies page of this website.


Methusalem "Methi" Meier

"Asket", according to Meier

The Ding-A-Lings

Methusalem "Methi" Meier exposes the truth about what really goes on, and what has gone on, at Billy Meier's "Semjase Silver Star Centre." Notice Methi talks about experiences he had as a young child, which may or may not be interesting, but nothing seems to have happened since then and he has never seen anything to do with aliens as far as he seems to know.



In contradiction to this, Michael Horn has said on many occasions that Meier's centre has been constantly buzzed over the years by UFO activity! When you also hear from Michael about eye-witness testimony, that seems to back up the existence of Beamships, it turns out the witnesses were out at night near Meier's home where they saw "demonstrations" of strange lights and not any daytime UFO activity that would clearly define it. The strange lights also always appear when Meier isn't with them, just like in Superman. From the photographic evidence taken by others at night-time demonstrations it seems it is probably Meier himself creating them in the distance, out of sight, for visual effect.

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